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Dry Rooms and

Ultra Dry Rooms

The introduction of Lithium-ion batteries has necessitated the building of dry rooms as one of the most critical components of the research, design and manufacturing process.

Building Dry Rooms requires a very high level of proficiency and knowledge of the heat load and moisture load calculation and hence the HVAC design and airflow calculations are a complicated process.

Manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries

Manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries has many challenges and complications. The most important is that the processing of electrodes must be done under the driest possible conditions. Relative humidity lower than 1% (-350C or -40oC dew point) and a low particulate environment are the necessities for production of quality electrodes. While clean rooms generally provide 40% to 60% RH conditions, they contain far more humidity than is required for lithium-ion manufacturing. When water penetrates the batteries, the lithium salts used as electrolytes become unstable. They start reacting with moisture and generate hydrogen fluoride, which leads to gassing and bloating up of the battery, thereby reducing its life.

We have been involved with providing HVAC equipment design and installation for ultra-dry rooms for several years. Combining our clean room expertise and our HVAC design knowledge for dry rooms, we can offer a bespoke solution for your dry room. By incorporating the room design and the HVAC/dehumidification and ancillary equipment, we give you a complete solution for your dry room requirements.

We offer a variety of solutions with supply air as low as -700C dew point, vertical or horizontal airflows with single or double rotor desiccant wheels. By modulating the heaters and optimising the wheels, we can reduce the energy consumption of the dehumidifier portion of the system. Additionally, active fresh and exhaust air control allows the room to stay at setpoint whilst further reducing energy use.

Our complete solution includes design, installation and maintenance. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

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