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The Capitol Group – Inspired Building



We were invited to site to carry out a survey of the AHUs on the roof, specifically to look at the frost coils. We examined both roof mounted AHUs. After examination of the AHU frost coils, damage was evident at the bottom of the coils. Heavy corrosion was also apparent on the main copper tubes. The AHUs were bespoke and the frost coils on both AHUs required replacement as a matter of urgency.

The Solution

DC ProMech Services Ltd had frost coils specially made to fit into the existing space. We attended site and removed the existing frost coils and pipework. We fitted new frost coils, replaced the badly corroded pipework, repainted and insulated the pipework. We added new weatherproofing to the insulated pipework, tested the new frost coils and confirmed they met the original specification for the required temperature drop across the coil and fluid temperature drop through the coil.  We adjusted the commissioning valves to ensure the system worked in accordance with design specification.


Testimonial from The Capitol Group

We engaged DC ProMech Services as we had confidence they could get new coils manufactured and installed within our timescales. We’re very pleased with the results

Richard WeaverMobile Services Engineer, The Capitol Group

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