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Clean Rooms

DC ProMech Services Ltd offers a total cleanroom solution for all requirements and standards of cleanrooms. We can design and build a cleanroom to your exact specification.

Equipment manufacturers/designers

We work with your equipment manufacturer/designers to ensure that the machinery going into the cleanroom meets the required standard and doesn’t adversely affect the design.

International Standards

All our cleanrooms are designed to meet international standards and accommodate tailored requirements. We supply bespoke, high quality, low energy clean rooms which are installed and validated to ISO standards. We will design and install the cleanroom to have specific air changes for contamination control and to a high degree of accuracy with temperature and humidity. We consult and design systems to maintain tight control of the environment, resulting in very stable temperature and humidity.

Bespoke Cleanroom design benefits:

  • Tight temperature and humidity control.
  • Extended warranty with our maintenance contract
  • Any ISO grade cleanroom
  • All testing and validation included

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DC ProMech Services Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road
London, N1 7GU

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